Yacht Crew Positions

Yacht Crew Positions

Deck Positions

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The primary duty of the Captain is the safe manning and operation of the yacht. Yacht Captains are responsible for the vessel, crew, owners and guests.

First Mate/ Chief Officer
First Mate/Chief Officer is the right hand of the Captain. Takes command of the yacht when required.
--Chief Officer
--2nd Officer
--3rd Officer
--Security Officer (for Seafarers)

Bosun/ Lead Deckhand
Bosuns are experienced Deckhands with additional responsibilities. Bosuns are in charge of Deckhands onboard the yacht and often spend a lot of time with guests during outdoor activities.
--Lead Deckhand

Responsible for the exterior maintenance of the yacht. Deckhand also cleans and operates yacht’s tenders.
--Junior Deckhand

Engineering Positions

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Chief Engineer
Responsible for the Engineering Department and for all technical aspects of the vessel and its equipment. Chief Engineer’s duties include all mechanical and electrical operations.
--2nd Engineer
--3rd Engineer
--Sole Engineer

EVO/ AV/IT Officer
Electro-Technical Officer (ETO) and AV/IT Officer are in charge of daily maintenance of all electronic, audio/visual and communication equipment. These include the radar, telephones, radio, navigation systems, computers, Internet connections, interior equipment (TVs, sound systems) etc.

Electrician is responsible for all electrical circuits onboard (switches, lighting, batteries etc.)


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The purser on board a yacht is responsible for the financial management and administration of the vessel under the captain's direction. This role may also direct the overall management of the interior department depending on the size and needs of the vessel. Pursers are usually employed for larger yachts, because of the vast amount of duties on vessels of such size, whereas smaller yachts tend to have only a Chief Steward/Stewardess, who takes care of the interior.

Chief Stewardess
Chief Stewardess is in charge of the interior of the yacht and have a similar role to a steward/ess, but on a more senior level. As the person ultimately responsible for the interior of the vessel and for providing superior hospitality service to meet the owner’s and guests’ expectations, the chief stew will also train and manage any lower-ranking stews under his or her supervision.
--Chief Steward(ess)
--Interior Manager
--Head of Servicer
--Head Housekeeper
--Spa Manager

Main responsibility is to maintain the interior of the yacht and provide the highest standard of care to the owner and guests. Most of the main day-to-day responsibilities of a yacht Steward/Stewardess include general housekeeping and serving duties, flower care, table decorations, pack and unpack luggage etc. On some yachts, they help the deck crew
--2nd Steward(ess)
--3rd Steward(ess)
--Spa Steward(ess)
--Service Steward(ess)
--Housekeeping Steward(ess)
--Laundry Steward(ess)
--Sole Steward(ess)
--Junior Steward(ess)


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Head Chef
The Head Chef is a culinary professional responsible for the overall management of the galley department on larger yachts, including guest and crew meals, provisioning, food safety, maintaining hygiene standards and budgetary administration..

Sous Chef
Assists the Head Chef. The Sous Chef may be required to provide crew meals or guest meals under the directions of the Head Chef.

Crew Chef/ Cook
Large yachts have separate chefs for crew and for guests. The Crew Chef provides meals for the crew.
--Head Chef
--Sous Chef
--Pastry Chef
--Crew Chef/ Cook
--Sole Chef
--Stew/ Cook

Other Positions

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Many of yachts, mostly the large ones, have several additional positions.

The most common are:
--Massage Therapist
--Dive Instructor
--Watersports Instructor
--Personal Trainer
--Yoga Pilates / Instructor