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Neptunea Crew being the 1st recruitment site in Greece offers the most time-cost effective solutions to professionals worldwide. Remaining dedicated to our clientele and after of successful recruitments, we decided to expand our services in order to fulfil the need for effective recruitment in real time.
If you are looking for the perfect crew, we provide you an ultimate tool to manage personalities and talents tailored to your needs. Whether for a yacht or superyacht, temporary or permanent, our aim is to provide an unparalleled yacht recruitment service in the industry.
We provide easy & fast registration to all professionals 24/7. Therefore, everyone wishing to find a position onboard grants the opportunity for international exposure to all kinds of yachts. Our corporate customers join unlimited access to thousands of CVs through our search engines.


Let only the appropriate candidates reach you out and the choice is yours. Alternatively, reach your crew through search engine, by using the filters provided. Simply, easy and cost effective. You should always provide all relevant details describing the job opening to generate the interest of candidates meeting your requirements.


By providing proper information and true statements of qualification and certification, you can get recruited as quickly as possible.
Fill in the forms with integrity and upload your CV and photo to build an accurate profile. You are one step away from getting the job. Visit frequently & keep your profile updated. This will keep you also up to date with job posts.


Neptunea Crew respects your right to privacy. By all means, we guarantee privacy and discretion, while you are willing to take anonymous actions, during the procedure, by keeping your personal data safe.

Pricing Policy

We Guarantee unlimited access with No hidden costs while using our website no further commissions.