We can supply various octanes of fuel, oil lubricants, chemicals, cleaning liquids, and all types of air-oil filters. Upon the captain’s request, fuel samples can be taken and processed for analysis. Duty free fuel can also be provided to commercial yachts upon request, and can be supplied throughout Greece.

Please check below the necessary documents for transit fuel:

  1. Charter Agreement (including the term regarding the payment of fuel)
  2. Certificate of Registry (Commercial Yacht)
  3. Bank’s wire tranfer (as a proof that the amount indicated on the Charter Agreement is paid)
  4. Crew List (if not available, this should be mentioned in a formal master’s declaration)
  5. A formal master’s declaration confirming that once the charter is accomplished a validated crew list and the customs forms will be presented.

All the above documents shall be translated in Greek and validated by a lawyer or embassy.